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we need more explain today the governor makes a major move to help the state deal with historically dry conditions. we begin with developing news about california's historic drought. today governor brown signed drought legislation giving $687 million to support drought relief, including funds for housing and food for workers directly impacted by the drought, and requires the state to work on measures to allow for the use of recycled water and storm water capture for increased water supply availability. it includes $1 million for a public awareness, water conservation campaign is a well. >> the past three years of
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rain -- past three days of rain have helped but we need more. in calistoga, mandatory water restrictions started today, including watering yards. >> here's a live look at current conditions from the mt. tam cam in marin county. high surf is causing problems. sergio is in santa cruz. >> you can see right now that west cliff road is tillly down to just one lane and people are working in the opposite late and the sidewalk is blocked off. there's massive ten foot by ten foot servehole that drops to the ocean bump it was sported this
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morning. santa cruz public works crews say the storm-whipped ocean knockes rocks out. the waves were strong enough to pull that rock out. the police shut down this stretch of west cliff road all morning until public works crews could assess the danger. the storm surf also damaged the sidewalk and sprayed through paces on the curb. >> its forced the sidewalk up, and you can see along the curb and gutter where there's actually water that came up at that electric indication also. reporter: the waves created a spectacle at this house. it blew a hole through the driveway. county crews with inspect damage. there was a queue fix sprinkles of rain today in santa cruz but the huge waves were the most visible part of the storm. during the sinkhole, one neighbor thought it was beach erosion. >> used to be places to park on
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the other side of the fence but they have erodedway away, so there's places it's undercutting. >> public works are cord donning -- cor cordoning off the area. >> there have been several rainbow sightings, look at this one in emeryville. more rain this weekend? for the answer we turn to meteorologist leigh glaser with live doppler 7hd. hi there, everyone. hope enjoyed your saturday so far. i want to emphasize the heavy surf advisory for the coast has been lifted and the waves will start to decrease overnight. let's get to live doppler 7hd. you're exactly right. we'll continue to see wave and wave of moisture moving from south and back towards the west. off and on this afternoon, but just in the last, i would say 30 mounts or so most of that has
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moved out. so we'll go with a slight chance of a shower or two tonight. a better chance as we head into tomorrow afternoon. we'll look at the seven-day forecast coming up. >> thank you very much. the storm brought several inches of snow to tahoe. check out the snow. this is kirkwood mountain resorts snow state camera. the level increased dramatically yesterday. the resort received more than 3.5 feet of new snow since wednesday. now a live look at conditions from our heavenly tahoe tv camera. some ski resorts expect a foot of snow by the end of today. stay ahead of the rain and know. follow live doppler 7hd on twitter for the very latest bay area weather conditions. new details on an early morning fire outside an east oakland apartment building where firefighters discovered it was actually a burning body. investigators suspect arson and a possible homicide there. fire crews arrived to this apartment building at 34th
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34th avenue and foothill boulevard in the morning. they knocked down the fire burn thing the alley to find a badly burned body as the source. >> we go out, making a determination, and because of the suspicious nature of the body being burn there, we activate our homicide callout team. >> fire and police investigators are working together to determine actual calls of the expire if the body was map or woman. a 77-year-old woman was found dead in the same buildings after an apparent home invasion robbery there last month. police have not said if there's any connection. the police are asking the public to call them with any information. >> the death of a man inside a berkeley apartment billing is now being ruled a homicide. the man in his 50s was found yesterday morning during a welfare check. police are not releasing any further details as the continue to investigate. to the north bay now where san rafael police are looking for man who walked into a restaurant and shot a second man
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several times. happened just after 1:30 this morning on b street. police say the gunman was wearing a dark hooded sweatshirt. the victim was rushed to the hospital. no word on his condition. police are asking for help to capture the brazen have toes in a jewelry store heist in san carlos. happen outside jeffrey's jewelry store on walnut street last night. the victim was 43-year-old jewelry saysman from new york. investigators say the suspect's vehicle is a newer model silver honda pilot and paper plates. developing news as russia deep 's its military intervention ukraine's crimea area. russian president vladimir putin's par game game her permission to enavoid ukraine. >> the united states will stan
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with the international community in affirming there will be costs for any military intervention in ukraine. >> president obama spent 90 minutes speaking with putin this afternoon and hopes to de-escalate the situation. the white house released a statement following the conversation saying the president cautioned russia, it's decision to send troops into the ukraine would negatively impact its standing in the international community. the u.n. security council held a meeting. >> urge member states of the united nations to demonstrate solidarity with the ukraine nation. ukraine's ambassador to the u.n. claims there are 15,000 russian troops on the ground in crimea. the white house says this is a breach of international law and guess against russia's military basing agreement with ukraine. >> china state media says 28 people are dead and 113 injured after a knife-wielding
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assailants attackes people at a train station in southwestern china. police killed five of the assailants. officials believe it was organized premeditated terrorist attack but there is no report who may be responsible. ahead, southern california gets a very big soaking. of course we need it. but it's too much rain, too fast, for parts of california. a look at how really dry winter radically changed in matter of hours. >> live on the red carpet at the academy awardses. he rain has come down sporadically today but hards a times, leaving production crews and fans guessing, are they going to take down the tents for sunday?
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the countdown is on for hollywood's biggest night. the academy awards gets underway in 24 hours but tonight rain is a big issue and a mad rush to keep the stars and the red carpet dry. we're live on the red carpet. katy, i'm guessing lots of tents and tarps there. >> i talked with the associate producer of the red carpet preshow, and he tells me in about an hour, at 6:00, they'll start talking, start thinking about making the decision as to whether or not they can take these tents down. in his words, there's no pretty way to do a rain plan. >> when the rain comes down hard it's almost deafening inside the tent, and crews scramble to sweep the carpet and drain the
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tending. the man running the show says in a decade on the job he's never seen it like this. >> flashflood warnings and squalls and biblical rains in your forecast? >> despite the dampness, it's busy as a beehive under the big top. international media outlets, dressed to thionines go about their business, and big names rehearse for the big show. we butched into robin roberts and we met a big fan of hers, terry, who won a trip to the oscars courtesy of kelly and michael. >> we came to have fun, see some stars and we saw robin roberts as our first store. >> totally worth it even if it meant standing in at the pouring rain. hopefully on sunday the fans and stars will be dry. >> this is the academy awards, and this is the guest's first experience of the oscars and this is their first impression, and we want to look as good as it does inside. >> so rain or shine on sunday
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there are cool new high-tech things happening on the red carpet for the first time, but if it is raining that could impede one of them. that story is coming up at 6:00. abc7 news. >> we look forward to that. thank you so much. our oscar sunday coverage begins at 2:00 p.m. with on the red carpet. then at 3:00 on the red carpet live. see what everyone is wearing, good and bad. the annual oscars begins at 5:30. jimmy kimmel laughs with the winners at 10:00. >> rain for los angeles is a pretty big deal there. they're not just used to wet weather, of course, they got a deluge. up next, just how much rain fell in l.a. during the latest storm and why people remain evacuated there tonight. >> we had a few sprinkles today and there's more rain for us, meteorologist leigh glaser has the full forecast after the
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break. >> and abc7 is the only place where you can see the oscars live tomorrow and we're giving away free movie tickets for a whole year through our facebook page to celebrate the dame -- academy awards. to enter, like us on news, then fill out the entry form so we can get in touch with you if you win.
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>> california got more rain in 48 hours than in the previous year, sending tortses of water where it is not wanted. a mudslide threat prompted evacuation orders for homes east of los angeles. the latest storm stretching from wednesday through friday dumped more than two inches of rain. downtown los angeles received more than two inches, doubling its total for the rainy season which began in july. >> giving advice to oscar nominated celebrities in a youtube video. >> don't be like me, charlie sheen, go, du, winning. >> what am i doing up here? you should be up here. no man, you won, pretending you're not surprised you won the award. >> not bad. that's dead on impressions of ten actors from charlie sheen to nissan. >> abc7 is the only place to see
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the oscars tomorrow. our coverage begins at 2:00 p.m. you can visit and click on countdown to oscar sunday to get a printable ballot to choose the winners. oscar sunday is tomorrow here on abc7. abc7 meteorologist leigh glaser on the roof with live doppler 7hd. is the rain going to be an issue at the oscar tomorrow? a lot of fancy dresses and hairdos. >> better have some umbrellas or precaution because it does look like there's a chance of a few showers earlier in the evening, and then it should clear up later -- late tomorrow afternoon, and as well as the evening hours. live doppler 7hd showing you that we're seeing a little sign of clearing. earlier today we had some rotating, isolated showers around the bay area. we'll take you in closer. the latest activity has dwindled
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out. some locations picking up a little mist or drizzle and that will continue off and on through the evening. east bay, marsh creek road receiving a little rain and the tracy area. i want to take you down to southern california. check out those heavy rain showers that just moved through los angeles, santa anna. so, the rain showers will continue to rotate inland into southern california off and on tonight and tomorrow. you can see the clearing sky out there from the mt. tam cam. here's another look at our east bay hills cam on mt. diablo. a lot of clearing in the east bay. 63, concord, and as we take a look at the forecast for at least the next several days we'll continue with mostly
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cloudy conditions, maybe an isolated shower or two overnight. we'll see showers pick up tomorrow afternoon, and more rain chances into the first week of march. so here's how the forecast animation will go. we'll see a few showers at 8:00, 9:00, north bay. get a little break overnight, and then by 5:00 a.m. a little more energy rotating in here. 1:00 tomorrow afternoon, santa rosa, cloverdale, east bay, chance of isolated showers, and then we'll see things kind of back off a little bit by tomorrow evening. this is bringing us the rain chances today. will do so tomorrow, and then you can see this low will also continue to bring southern california the rain chances for tomorrow and then this little weak cold front, most of the energy will go to the north of us. that will give us a chance of isolated showers tomorrow. red carpet forecast. chance of showers.
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temperatures 61. overnight lows around the bay area in the 40s to low 50s. here's a look at the highs tomorrow with a chance of a few isolated showers. in the mid-to-low 60s. the seven-day forecast, chance of sures on monday. a break tuesday, more rain wednesday night and thursday. back to you. >> rick kiwanis for shu tonight talking hoops. >> march 1st, march madness is around the corner. arizona state and the defending park pac-12 champ
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>> after getting blown out by arizona this week the cal bears were hoping to turn things around at arizona state. justin cobb led the bears with 15 points. cal trailed by five at the break but the second half was all arizona state. carson for the layup. check out this monster reverse slam. that deserves another look. wow. gilling scoring a season high 15. asu wins 78-60. cal falls to 18-11, 9-2347 in the pac-12. >> wichita state, 31st win without a loss. ron baker from outside. then lobs to early. scored a team high 19. 68-45 the final. nick wiggins.
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wichita state the first team since 2004 to enter the league tournament unbeaten. >> exactly two months after playing in the rose pole, stanford held the first of its three open practice sessions. the cardinal will have a lot of holes to fill. on offense, the biggest loss has to be tyler gaffney. last season he ran for more than 1700 yards and 21 touchdowns. it will be tough filling his shoes, coach shaw likes what he sees so far as possible replacement. >> it's been good. i saw the -- very steady, made some big runs, and tyler and young, made some big plays in short games and long games. i like the group right now. see how it plays out. at the honda classic a few duckies and birdies. here was even an eagle on 14.
5:26 pm
henley holes the shot from 150-yard out. henley, with the shot of the day. now on 17. hen loo from the fringe. nails his birdie at 68 today puts him two strokes behind the leader, rory mcilroy. he is trying to rebound from a disappointing 2013. tomorrow he'll try to get the victory. >> in baseball, giants and cubs rained out in mesa, the rangers and a's played. >> we'll be ri
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>> at 6:00 the local outcry to the international crisis in ukraine. the message to russia from the bay area residents. >> could trees be in danger of coming down in this process? >> tomorrow for the first time you can watch the oscars in a whole new way. catch them live on your smart smartphone or tablet, and you can use the watch abc to get exclusive access to what is happening back stage for those behind the scenes moments everybody will be talkingabt. there's download information for the app at abc news continues online,
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twitter, facebook, and all your mobile devices. seal you at 6:00. welcome to "world news." tonight the breaking news. the phone call between president putin and obama. our correspondent right there asking who are the mysterious men gathering. disastrous driving this at with two major storms on the move. more than 100 cars crash. in the west, the funnel cloud caught on tape. our extreme weather team on it all. down the drain. the escape route through the bathtubs. what we're seeing after the arrest of the drug lord wanted here in america? deadly dose.

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